Mala Mala


     Mala means long necklace or flower garland in Hindi. Malas also refer to prayer necklaces. These talismanic malas are reflective of the internal feelings of fracture, fragmentation and confusion that accompanies difficult circumstances. Sometimes buttresses appear to help support or to increase strength. The works speak to complications, entanglements and obstacles. Their beauty is in their vulnerability, their refined rawness, the delicate yet brittle edges, crushed solids. These malas encircle the wearer, armor for exposed vulnerabilities. 

Fractures Fragments Buttresses

Fractured/After, Joseph Bueys

Fragments/After, Joseph Bueys

Fractured II/After, Joseph Bueys

Loopy Fractures

Protected Fragments


Buttressed Circles

Fragmented and Torn

Buttressed Fragments and Loops

Buttressed Circles and Loops


Tangled Circles I

Tangled Circles II

Tangled Circles III

Tangled Circles IV

Tangled Circles V

Tangled Circles VI

Tangled Circles VII

Tangled Circles VIII

Tangled Circles IX

Tangled Circles X

Tangled Circles XI

Tangled Circles XII


Prayer for Repair

Fanciful Orchiectomy

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