Dharana Jewelry


     The Dharana drawings translate easily into jewelry. In the same way individual circles and complex lines build the forms in the drawings, sterling silver and 18k gold circles and lines build into earrings, necklaces and rings in the Drawn Circles Collection. Sometimes diamonds are used to dance light across the surface or green tourmalines are used to add small bits of deep color. Most of the Drawn Circles collection is available in the SHOP.

Drawn Golden Circles Pendant

Wedding Earrings with Grey Spinel

Drawn Circle Doorknocker Earrings

Four Fold Ring No. 2

Drawn Classic Rondelle Earrings

LineWork Drop Earrings with Post

Drawn Circles Pendant with Tourmaline

Drawn Rondelle Earrings with Post

Four Fold Ring No. 1

Drawn Chandelier Earrings

Sunburst Earrings

Drawn Circle Doorknockers with Arc and Zoned Quartz

Drawn Circles Pendant