The pieces in Lineage draw their structure and ambiance from the cuffs and collars worn by aristocracy presented in historical European portraiture. These adornments served to separate and elevate the aristocracy from the more commonplace people. The works in the Lineage series are contemporary interpretations of the cuffs and collars while simultaneously paying homage to the forms themselves.

     Lineage also questions the nature of ornament in contemporary Western society – what it means and what function is serves – and how that has changed over the centuries.

     Each piece is presented in a display box, treated as a precious artifact. The boxes are made by Suzy Holsinger. This is a small selection of the full series.

Collar for Elizabeth with Box

Collar for Elizabeth

For Alatheia Talbot

For Alatheia Talbot with Box

Collar for Isabella

Flemish Collar

Belgian Collar

Double Dutch