Reef Series


     Reef Series investigates the intersection of ethics and aesthetics. Although intentionally beautiful, the pieces resist cliches.

“The beauty emerges through a transaction between the object and the beholder. To experience beauty is to occupy a position of conflict; to be simultaneously in the grasp of sensual desire and burdened with the knowledge of what it means to act on that desire. As an artist, Rath acts on her own reverence for creatures and materials and she creates a context for our awareness. We must feel an object move us to sensual response; we must feel our moral stances tested, even erased, in the face of their beauty; and we must each examine our own responsibilities for action in the face of Beauty’s experience.”

–Tacey Rosolowski from the Amphiboly catalog

     By using corals and sea anemones as inspiration, Rath taps into to the human need to be in the presence of beauty. Many people go to great lengths to view sea anemones and corals in their natural environment, one that is otherwise hostile to human life. This serves as a metaphor for the hostility shown towards the pursuit of unabashed beauty in 20th century art.

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Corallite I

Corallite II

Sea Urchin

Heraticus Magnifica II

Tubastaea Coccinea

Tunicate I

Tunicate II

Encrusting Colony

Boulder Colony

Jorunna Funebris

Ridgeia Piscesae II

Ridgeia Piscesae

Eucidaris Tribuloides


Siphonophores I

Condylactis Gigantea

Heraticus Magnifica


Photography by Robert Diamante except Tunicate I, Apolemia and Ridgeia Pisesae. Special thanks to the Maine Arts Commission for their support.