Black Beauty


     The series Black Beauty explores notions of materiality. Using materials that are inherently luxurious as well as laden with cultural and historic value, these pieces revel in the experience of the material itself. These pieces are consciously made from what I have come to think of as “bad boy” materials, materials that walk a controversial edge such as gold, exotic or rare woods and animal fur but are oh so alluring. These pieces play with certain material’s ability to intoxicate and seduce the senses of the maker, the wearer and the viewer. This body of work not only to explores the mystery of the materials themselves by using and exploiting their ability to captivate, but also provokes questions of how and if one erases boundaries in the pursuit of beauty.

Black Beauty: Collar 1

Black Beauty: Brooch 1

Black Beauty: Brooch 2

Black Beauty: Brooch 3

Black Beauty: Brooch 4

Black Beauty: Brooch 5

Black Beauty: Brooch 6

Black Beauty: Brooch 7

Leather Collar

Black Beauty: Lei

Black Beauty: Collar 1

Black Beauty: Collar 2

Black Beauty: Collar 3

Black Beauty: Collar 4

Black Beauty: Sautoir 1

Black Beauty: Sautoir 2

Black Beauty: Sautoir 3

Photography by Robert Diamante