Mapping Time


     In our universe, time is linear. As we move forward in time, we inevitably encounter obstacles along the way. These drawings depict currents of time flowing through our lives and how those currents change us as we collide with obstacles. The obstacles themselves merit attention: within them, there is a whirling, illustrating an obstacle’s growth and clotting into something truly formidable. Tension builds in the time currents as they encounter the obstacles, whose size depends on one’s willingness to deal with them when they first appear. Ignoring, denying, or being blind to an obstacle’s existence leads to large, tense, unwieldy situations. Eventually all tension will release, must release, as time is squeezed into space beyond the obstacles, relieving the pressure. On the far side, the line looks the same, but there has been a change, a reorientation, sometimes slight, sometimes quite significant. And time marches on. 

Obstacle 03-10-2012

Obstacle 03-20-2012

Obstacle 04-06-2012

Obstacle 05-04-2012

Obstacle 06-8-2012

Obstacle 07-1-2012

Obstacle 07-20-2012

Obstacle 07-26-2012

Thickening Trace

Vestiges Diptych