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Order of Beauty


The Order of Beauty drawings reference the underlying structure of Islamic design—and therefore Islamic architectural forms and patterns. Each of the nine drawings in the Order of Beauty begins with the same matrix of interlaced circles laid out in Order of Beauty No. 1. This drawing is the basis of a pattern, if further developed, called the Breath of the Compassionate referring to teachings on “the Divine Breath” as the basis of all creation. The drawings are based on a hidden extensive network of drawn circles and lines that lay the foundation for the emergent golden patterns. Rather than appropriating and copying Islamic patterns wholesale, I search the underlying structure to create patterns that are intuitive and idiosyncratic. The drawings become mandalas, a calming visual representation of the universe and possible guide for meditation and quiet, easeful contemplation for the viewer.

Order of Beauty No. 1

Order of Beauty No. 2

Order of Beauty No. 3

Order of Beauty No. 4

Order of Beauty No. 5

Order of Beauty No. 6

Order of Beauty No. 7

Order of Beauty No. 8

Order of Beauty No. 9