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Dharana Series


Drawn mostly late at night, these insomnia drawings are done to relax a too active mind. Similar to quieting the mind in order to meditate, after a certain amount of time focused on laying one little circle down after another, the mind begins to relax and move towards a state of calm stillness. This state is sometimes referred to as the Void. The Void, at best, can be explained as “nothingness” or “emptiness,” generalized words used to describe a state that has no language. It is here that “no thing” is experienced.

The mind generates thousands of thoughts everyday. Distraction is often the rule.  The act of making each circle is a physical action to encourage the mind to focus, concentrate and ultimately relinquish its dominance. Thousands of tiny circles build up into forms that record the effort of concentration. The repetitious mark making, the haptic translation of an intangible experience leaves a residue of the contemplative and quieting practice. The drawing emerges and the form reveals itself.






Concentration Drawing I

Concentration Drawing II

Concentration Drawing III

Concentration Drawing IV